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Electroplated Diamond Cutoff Wheels ( Slitting Saws )

"JPT" electroplated diamond cutoff wheels (slitting saws) are manufactured in a state-of-art plant incorporating automatic process control & unique plating technology. Our process provides exceptionally high bond strength between the diamond grains & the tempered spring steel body, thus minimising the chances of premature failure due to diamond grain pull-out. Tool life is further enhanced by our specially selected tough, blocky grades of synthetic & natural diamond grains.

The electroplated bond ensures exceptional cutting quality & superior surface finishing. This leads to high material removal rate, extremely free-cutting characteristics & low heat buildup (can be used wet or dry).

These saws are ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials, such as fibre-glass, bakelite (printed circuit boards), graphite, carbon, ferrites, asbestos, carbides, MDF, ceramics, bonded abrasives, refractories, colored stones, bone, horn, paper, etc.
Standard cutoff wheels are available in a range of 100mm (4") to 350mm (14") diameter. For cutting of tool & die steels, high speed steels & steel harder than 45 Rc, we can supply saws coated with cubic boron nitride (CBN).

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