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Blade Type Diamond Dressers

Blade Dressers are classify by used diamond grain Blade (GBD), Needle Type Blade Dressers (NBD) and Precision Dressing Blades (PDB). These tools are used for serial production primarily on round- and centerless grinding machines.

Needle Type (NBD)
In this Blade Type Diamond Dressers, Needle shaped diamonds are carefully selected and set manually in an appropriate pattern in several layers .It is Equipped with high quality of Diamond Needles and set in proper scheme. Use for larger window and longer dressing.

Grit Type (GBD)
In this Blade Type Diamond Dressers, Grit type block diamonds are set according in proper scheme. It’s a manual Process of setting the diamonds. This blade is made for extremely long service life and used in a high precision dressing application.

Blade Type Diamond Dressers

Favorable :
for long run work with good reproducibility of the grinding surface

Unfavorable :
for changing grinding duties, internal grinding, tool grinding and profile grinding

Blade Dressers (standard)
Used for dressing with long dressing line and simple profiles of grinding wheels in serial production.

These dressing plates are suitable for the dressing of SiC – grinding wheels in the serial production.

Needle diamonds (NBD) :
Nature diamonds are fixed overlap sidewise in rows. Always several needles are dressing. Needle dressing plates have a high durability. It can be used for straight, round and centerless grinding.

NatuDiamond ral Grit (GBD) :
The natural diamond grit is distributed equal on the dressing plate. Its create a very good grinding wheels. It can be used for straight, round and centerless grinding.

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