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Steel Files And Rasp

Steel Files & Rasps offered by JPT is manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. These Files & Rasps (include steel files, steel rasps, rasp files, mill files, saw files & machinist files) are available in various sizes & lengths and are used for various purposes. Our range of Steel Files & Rasps is highly acknowledged for dimensional accuracy, sharp edges, excellent finish and high durability.

JPT offers a comprehensive range of Steel Files & Rasps is manufacturing high quality raw material. It is one of the oldest and simplest, yet most useful hand tools for metal finishing. These are also useful in removing small bits of metal when applied with pressure against the surface of metal. Our range of Steel Files & Rasps is as follows:

Saw Files :

  • Types: Regular tapers, slim tapers, extra slim tapers and ultra slim taper
  • Applications: Used for sharpening wood such as chaff cutter, blade machetes, working saws and similar thin edges

Rasp Files:

  • Types: Hand wood rasps, half round wood rasps, round wood rasps
  • Applications: Basically used in wood cutting industries for forming various arcs

Mill Files:

  • Types: MSGG (Mill Saw both sides square edge), MSGR (Mill Saw one end square edge, another side round edge), MSRR (Mill Saw both sides round edge), Mill Taper (Mill Saw Taper Files), MSRU (Mill RUK both sides round uncut edge), farmers' ownApplications: These type of files are used for sharpening of agricultural tools

Machinist Files:

  • Types: Hand, flat, three squares, square, half round parallel, half round pointed, round and others


  • Used in general workshops and machine shops
  • Available in various cross sections like round, half round, square, three squares, flat & hand and others
  • The selection of the cross section depends upon the required rate of material removal and the cross sections from which the material is to be removed
Steel Files, Steel Rasps, Rasp Files, Mill Files
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